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News und ereignisse

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  1. EMO MILAN 2021

    Sinter Sud wird an der EMO 2021 vom 4. Oktober bis 9. Oktober in Hannover teilnehmen.Halle 4 Stand  C26

  2. Hyperion Materials & Technologies to acquire carbide product manufacturer Sinter Sud S.p.A.

    Transaction will further expand full-service global offering of tungsten carbide rod blanks

    WORTHINGTON, Ohio — Hyperion Materials & Technologies, a leading global materials science company that specializes in developing advanced hard and super-hard materials for a wide range of industries and applications, announced today it has reached an agreement to acquire Sinter Sud S.p.A., an Italy-based manufacturer of cemented carbide products.

    “Sinter Sud has nearly 50 years of experience making premium tungsten carbide products and has established an especially strong presence in Europe supplying carbide rod blanks for drilling and end milling applications,” said Ron Voigt, CEO of Hyperion. “Bringing Sinter Sud into the Hyperion family of companies that includes another carbide rod market leader in AFC Hartmetall broadens our product portfolio and further expands our position as a full-service global provider for toolmakers.”

    Established in 1974 and headquartered in Sant'Agata de Goti, Italy, Sinter Sud primarily manufactures carbide rod blanks (solid and with coolant channels) that complement the current offering from Hyperion and AFC. The company also produces additional carbide products used to make metal cutting, woodworking and mining tools that will both complement and expand Hyperion’s overall portfolio.

    “We are thrilled to join Hyperion and work together to become the number one independent carbide rod producer in the world,” said Antonio Suppa, founder and President of Sinter Sud. “We share the vision of focusing on service, innovation and growth as a non-rival supplier to toolmakers. With our state-of-the-art production facility that has room to grow and strong research and development capabilities, our talented and productive team members are ready for the exciting opportunities ahead.”

    Mr. Suppa, who owns the company with a small management group that includes family members, will continue to serve as an advisor for the business after the transaction closes later in the year following customary regulatory approvals and the completion of closing conditions. Key business leaders at Sinter Sud will remain in place and report into the Hyperion organization.

    “We are looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues and accomplishing great things together,” Voigt said. “The synergy we will be able to accomplish with both Sinter Sud and Germany-based AFC will greatly boost our capability to provide a large assortment of blanks with first-class service to toolmakers globally.”

    To learn more, visit HyperionMT.com or check out Hyperion’s profiles on LinkedIn or YouTube.



    Sinter Sud wird an der GRINDTEC 2020 vom 18. März bis 21. März in Augsburg teilnehmen.Halle 4 Stand  4012

  4. EMO HANNOVER 2019

    Sinter Sud wird an der EMO 2019 vom 16. September bis 21. September in Hannover teilnehmen.Halle 5 Stand  A61


    Sinter Sud wurde als "Gewinnerunternehmen" in Bezug auf das allgemeine Wachstum und das starke Wachstum des Exports ausgezeichnet.

    Fotos und Interview mit Herrn Suppa während der von Intesa Bank und Sole24ore finanzierten Zeremonie in Neapel.

    [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.sintersud.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/sinter-sud.mp4"][/video]

  6. CIMT BEIJING 2019

    Sinter Sud wird an der CIMT 2019 vom 15. April bis 20. April in Beijing teilnehmen.Stand W3 – A213.


    Sinter Sud wird an der MAKTEK 2018 vom 02. Oktobre bis 07. Oktober in Istanbul teilnehmen. Halle 12 stand 1259-B 

  8. IMTS CHICAGO 2018

    Sinter Sud wird an der IMTS 2018 vom 10. bis 15. September in Chicago teilnehmen. Sie sind herzlich willkommen auf unserem Stand W-431251.


    Sinter Sud wird an der GRINDTEC 2017 vom 14. März bis 17. März in Augsburg teilnehmen.Halle 8 Stand  8112

  10. EMO HANNOVER 2017

    Sinter Sud wird an der EMO 2017 vom 18. September bis 23. September in Hannover teilnehmen.Halle 5 Stand  D83

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News und ereignisse


Sinter Sud wird an der EMO 2021 vom 4. Oktober bis 9. Oktober in Hannover teilnehmen.Halle 4 Stand  C26...
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